Tuesday, 26 May 2009


tenace. Sur le clavier, touche (largement) prête à s'interposer entre les lettres. Elle frappe plus fort. En principe l'espace varie dans sa qualité et sa quantité : alinéa, pure séparation d'un mot.
Or dans un répertoire pas de distinguo : Le Rien systématiquement avant L'erien et Lerien. Comme quoi l'espace n'a pas de valeur propre.
Une parenthèse vide, ce qui ne se rejoint pas ( ), si on rangeait deviendrait (). Et passerait avant (rien). D'où ces problèmes de lisibilité. Evidemment.
J'avais tracé une très grande parenthèse vide. Déjà blogspot l'a réduite, faite à peine plus spacieuse que sa version arrangée pour le répertoire. Laissez-moi taper des espaces qui tiennent. Marche pas. Sauf si ruse, et que l'espace lui-même s'esquive.
Au moins le saut de ligne. Faut donc qu'espace égale ligne et contribue significativement à la mise en page.


Moral sunset.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Loutre (la)

1. Animal. Mammifère, même.

2. Surnom de la petite soeur de Lena. A inspiré Paul, auteur de La Conquête de la Pologne.
Narrateur éprouve passion pour une loutre (dans une baignoire je crois).

3. Festival de théâtre, Saint-Sulpice, un panneau :
"La loutre : "Normal ! j'ai huit ans. C'est l'âge des points d'interrogation."" Dominique Paquet, extrait de Les escargots vont au ciel . C'est encore toi Inès ?


Situation : let's say hi to the freaky new neighbours. So, who'll go.

Neighbour 1 : (He's your neighbour more than mine) "You share a property line".

Neighbour 2 : "We're all on the same blocks".

The Burbs


"Mais que reste-t-il si quelqu'un coupe le courant
Allumons le A"

Hélène Bessette, Suite suisse

(une réponse anticipée... ----!)

Greetings 2, And 2

"Greetings to the Polish people and the world".
(comment on Youtube)


1. It all happened during the cosmunismus.

2. (la mer). Les hommes sont dégueulasses, ils versent du poisson dedans.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


De ces mots qu'on ne peut pas ne pas scander.
Après, le sens...

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Epargnez vos projets.


(for 7 days that I didn't spend at the beach).
In such a week, monday and tuesday have to be tasteless. Then comes along ways to be freed from whatever was the substance of those first days.

Week-end: the word speeks of its own concept. No need to elaborate.

Monday, 18 May 2009


L'évier est équipé d'un mitigeur. Le froid à gauche, le chaud à droite.
Carrelage ou alu. L'évier sait bien s'entourer.
L'évier a d'ailleurs un pote dans la salle de bains.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

We sell mistakes

1. "PRODEJ CHLEBU". (we sell bread)

2. By mistake I read : "Prodej chybu" ("we sell mistakes"). Dyslexia.

3. Wait, it should have been "prodej chyb" if written properly.

4. They do sell mistakes.

One country further

A drawing by Nath :

1. A girl watches a group of people. In bubbles they say : "and if..." "shit..." "pfff..." "woof woof" "I can't believe it"

The girl thinks : "pfff... always the same. And if I changed the country ?"

2. The girl watches a group of people. In bubbles they say :
"oh..." "I'd be amazed if..." "hi hi" "that sucks"

The girl thinks : "hey, they look cool... I'd like to know them..."

"One country further." Written down the page.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Anyone's dreams are interesting

In my dream I drove a Cadillac. Or more exactly I parked a Cadillac. I felt like it was mine. It's white with entertwined red letters, like a stamp.

A little squirt from the dream's pop-up circus comes by and scratches it. I let him do for I'm not sure the car is mine. He's the son of a dressed-up couple that joins a dalsi party. All the city danced in a huge block with wooden floor covered by sawdust. Drunken girls tried to eat butter toasts yet let them fall. The party was hectic. Lots of sex and betrayals, in the corners bits of rivers.
I ask the squirt why he scratches this car. He writes the answer on a paper and holds it to me.
"00 000. You should have noticed it. It was written on a tram that just left the station. That's a phone number. Not any phone number. That's the tram's phone number. Girlfriend 00 000. By the way I was born in 1993.

Tecktonik des plaques

1. Une forme de psoriaris ? Sur les bras ?
2. Mix. Disque 1-intercontinental. Ligne de basse underground.


If I lived in a castle I would be king. Anyone who'd take off my crown would also take my room unless he'd be a revolutionnar.

If I lived here

I would be a writer. I would not think about eating nor drinking. I would keep eating and drinking but not think about it and when it comes to lunch I'd put everything in big colour plates. Or I wouldn't have plates who knows.

(They lived under roofs they were cold in winter and hot in summer. They starved and ate oranges and wrote letters to short-haired girls.)

Friday, 15 May 2009

The Tape 4

This tape was shot during an event. A family went to the supermarket. During the shopping their son remained unusually quiet. He begged for nothing. No sweets. No games. He disappeared but the parents did not notice. Stepping back to their car, they were a couple again. The son took the bus and talked to his imaginary friend.

The Tape 2

This tape was shot during an event. People danced on bus shelters. Feet printed on the dirty glass, ectoplasms with whom other stretched shapes, arms and legs, were united from a distance. Arms intermingled. At the end of the twentieth century music video directors created ad libitum this view of dancing under glass, but it then led to space derealization. People thought everything would exceed the limits. Space and time.


1. Tiny old man with a scarf, never saw the sea.

2. Can be said of breakfast, as opposed to what... A seashore breakfast? Does it include seafood?

3. Looking for new alternatives: incontinental breakfast?

Thursday, 14 May 2009

In the middle

He sits in the back, at the end of the raw. Not the best place (...but from there he can gaw - short movies he never watches he might get caught). The door says. The field turns into a beach. Once she gets locked, the queen. Etc. Then he leaves.

("Hey, look at nothing but the screen. Do you think the streets changed meanwhile. Do you think you like cinema more than me.")

Drama egg

Who came first.
What's the Eisein.
I prefer natural light.
Don't paint me blue.
Don't paint me at all.
Someone stole my necklace.
I had an USB key necklace.


The main character of No shit sherlock is Estelle. Go Estelle !

By the way

I didn't know you were a poet. I'm happy you took May that far.
Do you know you can use this : / / /

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I wrote a poem, and didn't know it was one. I didn't know it was possible. I thought meaning business was a prerequisite.

Shoes on wires

There are twice as many shoes suspended as there are absent-minded tightrope walkers.

En même temps

(Dire une chose). Effet comique si c'est la même.

ex :
"A la tombée du jour."
"A la tombée de la nuit."


Is no switchstance.

Le Gymnase

"fermera ses portes une heure plus tard l'hiver."


500 meters further.


Safe mined field.

Cf music video Heaven, by Spike Jonze

Surfers as

An eagle : Mick Fanning in Liquid time. Stil-fly. Still-surf.
A bat : Ozzie Wright surfing with a cape in Sprout. The blacklighting gets the wave nighty.
A torero : Alex Knost in Sprout again. It almost works. Save for the mexican music !
Artists : in all the new documentaries. They paint. They draw. But this just doesn't work (hey).

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Radical Mélodie

Comme quelque chose qu'on ne prendrait pas le temps d'écrire, qui n'inscrirait pas dans la quantité. Il y aussi les prétentieux, ceux-là ils prétendent alors on ne fait plus attention.

Ce serait un rythme pour passer la journée. Reste à savoir s'il y aurait une batterie.

On and off

I listened to everything. I changed all your bolts and bearings. But you keep squealing like a haunted haunted castle. I know you have a soul Dude, that's great but I can't tune it.
Yes, that makes me sad too. No, it's not your fault neither. C'est comme ça.


I'll go to her and say hello Hungaria. Hello, Hungaria, I'll tell her.

Hello, Hungaria.

Hey you're not mad at me are you ? I was just teasing. I can definitely spell your name. U-k-r-a-i-n-i-a is that correct.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Picture taken away

Take-away picture


"The base always takes place before and after the tricks. You have to master the base before you try the tricks".
Patrick Jumpen, tutorial 1, jumpstyle


1. Elever au carré.

2. S'en foutre : je m'en carre.

Linked 2 (same source)

Fred : Brian, do you know you sound like a little boy trying to empty the sea with his bucket ?

PL : hey, looks like someone here's reading Saint-Augustin ?

Fred : sorry PL, I don't even know him.

Linked 1

Picked up on a surfers forum :

PL : how funny it is to imagine that, as numerous as we are here, we may meet in water without knowing each other.

How many of you snaked me ??
How many of you did I drop ??

Sunday, 10 May 2009


A peu près Matthew Barney.

Cire, c'est presque cri, et plus précisement un cri. "Les patins!" (s'époumona-t-elle).

Proposition pour un nouveau millénaire

Séminaire millénariste: une majorité ne souhaitait pas que Michel H. fût présent.

Millénaire séminariste: ils étaient nombreux, manquait le séminariste à moto (cf. Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, Première descente aux enfers par la face nord).

Friday, 8 May 2009

Timesaving 1

1. Watch trailers instead of movies.

2. Make trailers instead of movies.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Nom véritable des pervenches.


Le vent soufflait sous les jupes.

The Auteur

The Auteur does not, against all expectations, always wear a scarf. He is sometimes french, however it is not obligatory.
He's getting bald but has nice hair on the sides. You can see him on TV, on special features during which he sweats a lot.
He likes good food, but can go without it during a shooting. He likes younger women. He despises academic criticism.